Linda's Ministries

A note from Dr. Armstrong

As many of you already know, we have changed the name of Squirt’s Fund to Linda’s Ministries this year. We have done this in honor of Linda Baracy, a staff member at State Road Animal Hospital who lost her life in a tragic accident as she was leaving work just a few days after Christmas this past year. We renamed this fund not just because of the suddenness of her loss to us, but because she embodied the spirit of this fund more than anyone I have ever known. Her life was dedicated to the service of others, and that service was on display through her actions ever day of her life. Linda never asked for, nor received, the recognition she deserved in this life. She simply went about making things better for people “one act of kindness at a time.” It is in remembrance of her dedication to helping those in need that we recognize Linda in her eternal life.

When someone like Linda enters your life, you cannot help but be a better, more fulfilled person as a result. I feel the same way about Linda’s Ministries. Up until now, Squirt’s Fund has done an admirable job of assisting individuals and families in crisis with their  pets’ health care needs. Yet, there are ways in which we have dreamt this fund could have a broader impact, both locally and beyond. And given the overwhelming response to Linda’s Ministries in the past six weeks, I believe we are on the verge of growing this fund to encompass this much larger vision. Linda’s Ministries has now been set up as its own corporation, a board of directors has been named, and the application for becoming a non-profit organization has been submitted. I encourage everyone to stay tuned to what is in store for this fund – it will be an exciting year of growth and inspiration. What a  great tribute to a life of giving and serving!

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