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Who has been helped by Linda’s Ministries in 2013?

  • Paid for medications for a patient whose owner passed away.
  • Paid for final care after the unexpected death of a dog with Parvo Virus.
  • Helped pay for diagnosis and final care of a long-standing elderly client.
  • Paid for a recheck on a patient with mounting medical bills.
  • Paid for a dental cleaning for a cat. The owner is an elderly person with health issues. The granddaughter was trying to help provide care, but was becoming too expensive.
  • Paid a portion of a long-standing clients bill. Their cat had a urinary blockage.
  • Helped pay for flea prevention for an elderly lady who was battling a flea infestation.
  • Helped pay for diagnosis and treatment of a dog who went missing for a couple of days and came home with injuries. Owners having financial difficulties due to lack of work.
  • Helped pay for surgery whose owner has stage 4 lung cancer.
  • Helped pay for diagnosis and treatment of a dog with diabetes. Owner is a long-standing client with finacial difficulties.
  • Paid for treatment of a dog with a possible bowel obstruction. Owner had lost their job.
  • Paid for lasers for a patient whose owner was hospitalized with a heart condition.
  • Paid for lasers for a patient whose owners both have health issues.
  • Paid for a wellness exam for a dog. Owner has cancer.
  • Paid for flea prevention for a long-standing client who is battling cancer.


2012 Linda’s Ministries Recipients

  • Purchased prescription diet food for a long standing client with financial difficulties due to reduced work schedule.
  • Helped a dog who had been hit by a car. The family had a daughter with cancer and many medical bills.
  • Matched a payment of a long standing elderly client paying for care of her cats.
  • Paid a portion of a dental and lumpectomy for a dog.
  • Paid for surgery for a dog with reoccurring cancer.
  • Paid for an x-ray for an elderly couple who were having medical issues themselves.
  • Paid for diagnosis and treatment with a dog that had an ear infection.  The family was disabled.
  • Helped clients pay for surgery on their dog. The owner had suffered a brain injury and the dog was by his side through his treatment and recovery.
  • Paid for a dogs extended hospitalization for a dog that was anemic and needed blood transfusion. The owner had a serious medical condition that prohibits them from working.
  • Paid for wellness exam, heartworm and flea prevention, and checked eyes for a dog whose family had suffered the loss of their father.
  • Paid for a dog to have their ears checked and the proper medication. The client has cancer with a lot of medical expenses of their own.
  • Paid for bladder stone removal on a dog whose parents were missionaries in Africa.
  • Helped a family who had suffered a job loss. Their dog was in pain. Linda’s Ministries paid for x-rays and medications.
  • Helped pay for diagnostics on a dog whose owner was out of work due to medical issues.
  • Helped a disabled elderly long-standing client pay for treatment of a chronically constipated cat.
  • Helped a client who had recently had a heart attack and was unable to work pay for surgery on their dog.
  • Helped an owner with financial difficulties pay for treatment for their cat with chronic skin condition.
  • Helped a client who was in a terrible car accident pay for wellnesses of her pets.
  • Client that was recently divorced and had a sick cat that needed to be euthanatized.
  • Paid for a cat suffering from allergies. The owner had just returned from a Missionary trip. The owner recently had a child and was unable to find work after returning from their trip.
  • Paid for a dog to be treated for smoke inhalation after a house fire.
  • Helped pay for hospitalization and diagnostics of an ill dog. Owners are long-standing clients who were having financial difficulty.
  • Paid for flea allergy treatment and flea prevention for a client who has cancer.

In 2011 we were happy to help the following animals:

  • Cat with urinary issues whose owner was financially unable to treat.
  • Wellness exam, heartworm test, senior bloodwork and a dental for a senior dog. Owner is a great client that was having financial hardship.
  • Dog that was hit by a car. Owner paid a portion and Linda’s ministries covered the remaining balance.
  • A patient at Mid-Michigan Animal Clinic.
  • A bordetella vaccine for a dog whose owner was injured in a car accident and the dog needed to be boarded.
  • A leukemia positive cat whose owner had suffered a job loss.
  • A dog was vaccinated, received heartworm and flea preventions after her owner passed away and the pet was going to a new home.
  • A cat and a dog, whose owner is experiencing financial difficulties, due to lack of work. Linda’s ministries provided prescription diets for both pets.
  • Treated a sick puppy whose owner was disabled and has had several surgeries.
  • A dog that was rescued that was covered in fleas and very sick from the flea infestation and not being fed a proper diet.
  • Helped cover the cost of diagnostics and euthanasia for a dog seen for an emergency. Owner had experienced a job loss.
  • A dog that was suffering from flea allergy dermatitis.
  • Flea prevention and dog food for a family who had a house fire.
  • A sick puppy whose owner’s son had cerebral palsy and has seizures. The dog stays with the boy during seizures.
  • Exploratory surgery on a senior pet from Stockbridge Animal Clinic. The owner’s husband had recently passed away creating financial hardship for the owner.

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