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What is Linda’s Ministries?

Linda’s Ministries is a discretionary fund used to support our mission of assisting with pet health needs for those in crisis situations. This fund is not a government type of fund that makes money available to everyone who qualifies due to their income level. The fund’s specific purpose is to help families and individuals who find themselves in time of crisis in their lives, when it is difficult to find the resources to provide care for their pets. We hope that we can help to lighten the financial burden and possibly keep people who are already in turmoil from having to part with their pets for financial reasons. The goal of Linda’s Ministries is to help preserve the human-animal bond.


Who is Linda?

Linda started working at State Road Animal Hospital in 2007. Linda passed away in a tragic accident on December 29, 2011. She had an undeniable love of pets as well as people, and she embraced the importance of the pet/owner bond. In honor of Linda and the love she shared, the name of the Squirt Fund is being changed to Linda’s Ministries. Linda had a special place in her heart for the Squirt Fund. She was always looking for ways to find support for the Squirt Fund and to raise awareness about the fund, as part of her ongoing effort to find ways to help more people and pets.If you would like to make a contribution to Linda’s Ministries, please mail a check to State Road Animal Hospital with Linda’s Ministries in the memo line. Thank you for your support. Linda thanks you, the doctors and staff at State Road Animal Hospital thank you, and those we are able to help thank you.


How is the fund supported?

Linda’s Ministries is supported by people like you. The extent to which we can help will be dependent on the response we receive from people who support this effort with donations.

State Road Animal Hospital also donates regularly to this fund and participates in various fund raising events throughout the year to help support this great cause. We have fundraised by accepting loose change in the donation jars on the counters at State Road Animal Hospital and at Alma’s Come Home for the Holidays.

We also have a terrific client who makes beautiful baskets; she donates the baskets to us to sell with the proceeds going to Linda’s Ministries. We have another wonderful client who makes fleece coats for dogs with a portion of the proceeds going to Linda’s Ministries and another client who makes dog treats with all proceeds going to Linda’s Ministries. State Road Animal Hospital also makes a donation to the Linda’s Ministries in memory of each pet that is euthanized at our clinic. This is our way of honoring your pet’s life, and the love they gave to their owners every day.

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